Privacy policy

Version June 2023

Your personal information

We know the importance of integrity and our goal with this policy is that we should describe to you in a clear and transparent manner how we collect, use, transmit and store personal information so that you are confident that the data is securely stored. We perform all processing of personal data in accordance with Swedish law and the EU’s privacy law GDPR. Additional rules apply to employees of Infobyte.

Data Controller

Svenska Infobyte AB, orgno 556663-7707, is the controller. You can contact us at or by mail to Svenska Infobyte AB, Box 305, 151 24 Södertälje, Sweden.

What is a personal data?

Personal data is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person who is alive. This includes, for example, your name, social Security number, address, email address and phone number. This also applies to different types of electronic identities, such as IP numbers, if they can be linked to natural persons.

How we collect personal information and what information we collect

Information collected by personal contact
We collect personal information from you when you contact us or we contact you, for example through our support, on email, telephone, or in other ways. In the first instance, we collect the personal information needed to answer your question or deal with your case. It is information about the name and contact information, but sometimes also for example information about the IP number of your equipment.

Information collected when you subscribe to our newsletter
If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, we will collect your name and email address in order to send you the newsletter.

Data collected when using our digital services
When you use any of our websites or any other digital service from us, we collect information about your use of the service. Some of these data may be personal data, such as Your IP number.

Information collected from someone other than you
When dealing with various cases, a person is providing personal information about one or more other persons involved in the case, such as other users with similar problems or needs or suggestions of persons who may help to resolve a Question. We assume that the data subject has all of these persons ‘ consent to provide this personal information.

Sensitive personal Data

Sensitive personal data refers to data on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union, health, sexual life or sexual orientation of a person, genetic data and biometric Information that unequivocally identifies a person.  We do not process any such personal information.

Processing and storage of personal data

Our legal basis for processing your personal data
We treat all personal data lawfully. It is often the case that the same personal data is processed both on the basis of contract performance, through consent or on the basis that the information is necessary to fulfil other legal obligations. This means that even if you revoke your consent and the treatment based on consent ends, the personal information may still remain with us for other purposes. With a balance of interests in support, we treat personal data for nykundsbearbetningsändamål. Processing of your personal data is also done in order for us to comply with the obligations under laws and regulations, for example regarding security and accounting.

Storage times

We never store your personal data for a long time than is required for the purpose of processing. We store all personal information we need for the performance of our assignments in our customer database. In the customer database, the personal data is retained for up to two years after you last appeared on a mission if you have not agreed that we can save your information anymore. If you are an invoice-receiving contact person, we save your personal data for seven years after the end of the financial year in our ERP system. If you subscribe to our newsletter, your contact information will be stored in our e-mail distribution system as long as you choose to continue receiving the newsletter.

The same personal data can be stored in several different locations for different purposes. This may mean that a task culled from a system because it is no longer necessary can remain in another system where it is stored on the basis of consent or for another purpose where the personal data is still needed.

We and our personal data processors protect your personal information through a combination of technical and organizational solutions. All of our systems that handle personal information are protected by access systems. Employees with us and our personal data processors and assistants shall follow our internal it and information security policy.

Disclosure of personal Data

Contract Partners and IT suppliers

We use a number of different IT services and systems in our business. Some of these stores and manages personal data. Some systems are installed locally with us and only our staff have access to the data. However, some systems are cloud solutions or installed at the provider and imply that we transfer personal data to the supplier. In these cases, the supplier is our personal Data processor and handles the tasks on our behalf and according to our instructions.

Your rights

Necessary management of personal data and management on the basis of consent
Personal data processing necessary for us to perform an agreement with you or to fulfil a legal obligation is permissible without consent. However, in order for us to collect and manage your personal data for any other purpose, you are required to consent to the processing. You give consent to the processing of your personal data when you register for our newsletter.

Withdrawal of consent

You may choose to revoke your consent at any time by contacting us at the contact details above. If you revoke your consent, we will delete the personal data and discontinue the processing that was subject to the consent.
The right to be informed of what personal data we have stored about you
If you would like information about what information we have registered about you, you can apply in writing to the above address. The register extract is provided on request and, exceptionally, we charge an administrative cost price for this. You must submit your request in writing as it will be personally signed.

Right to control your personal information

You have the right to request that information about you in certain cases be erased, completed or corrected. You also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be limited to certain purposes and for example not used for direct mail.